Compassionate Quotes by Shih-Ai (Ren Ching)

Buddhist Songs 佛曲

Path to Liberation 解脫道
Who Really Knows Sufferings of the World 世間苦誰知道
Chimes of Peace 和平鐘聲
The World is But an Illusion 夢幻人世間
Gratitude 感恩

Lecture on Body-Mind Purification and Environmental Protection by Master Ren Ching
仁敬法師2015年於巴西美景市芒果樹國家公園講座 《身心靈的淨化與環保》

Books by the Venerable 法師著作

Scenery of the Buddhist World - Telling the Truth Harmoniously

Self-Realization and the Path of Cultivation Thereafter