Took refuge in Buddhist teaching.
Took a tonsure ceremony to monastic life in HwaDzan. (Taipei, Taiwan)
Graduated from the 5th Class of Dharma Propaganda of the Amitabha Buddhist Society of Singapore guided by Venerable Master Chin Kung.
Followed and complied with the Precepts Transmitter, Master Sheng Yi to learn Dharma at Bao Lin Zen Temple on Da Yu Mountain in Hong Kong, and took the Triple Platform Full Ordination of Two Divisions of Monastery.
Solitary retreat in Pu Xian Meditation Chamber in Taichung at convenience for three years.
Studied in Yuan Heng Buddhism Graduation School. (Taipei, Taiwan)
Officially concentrated on propagating the Pure Land thought of Great Master
Established Precepts Amitabha Buddhist Society, Puxian Meditation Chamber in Taitung, Taiwan.
Vowed to stay in solitary retreat at convenience in Taitung Puxian Meditation Chamber for Five years.
Complied with the Vinaya Master Guo Ching, the abbot of Zheng Jue Vihara to study Dharma Precepts in Puli, Taiwan.
Set up Puxian Meditation Chambers in the Chilean Valley, Latin America. Moved into the valley and completed solitary retreat.
Continual involvement in Dharma teaching while residing in Shih-Ai Abode in Pingtung.
Conducted courses on lecturing for international Dharma propagation bhikuni talents .
Master Shih Ren Ching was born in Tainan, Taiwan on September 1st, 1968. She took refuge in Buddhist teachings in 1996. During the first three years, she cultivated at home and made her utmost effort to promote and to distribute Dharma treasures.
The Master took a tonsure ceremony to monastic life on June 15th, 1999 in HwaDzan of Taipei. In 2001, the Master graduated from the 5th Class of Dharma Propaganda in Amitabha Buddhist Society of Singapore guided by Venerable Master Chin Kung. Her results gave her the 5th position in class and the Venerable Master personally named her“Ren Ching” as her Dharma name. In 2002, the Master followed and complied with the Precepts Transmitter, Master Sheng Yi to learn Dharma at Bao Lin Zen Temple on Da Yu Mountain in Hong Kong, and took the Triple Platform Full Ordination of Two Divisions of Monastery.
Since entering the Buddhist Practice, the Master specially focuses on the Buddha-Name Recitation Method. Besides researching on Buddhist thought and the history of various sects, special emphasis is placed on the cultivation method of prostration, thus she strongly advocates Yoga Prostration to benefit people from all walks of life. The Master also follows the great virtuous Master Hongyi of the Vinaya-discipline in using natural medicine fasting therapy as supplement, together with the purification of the body, decreasing the need for engagement with the five desires, in aiding the upholding of the various precepts, having fasted for more than ten times within twenty years, with the longest being fruit and vegetable juice fast for as long as two and a half months. The Master also usually encourages lay practitioners to attempt to uphold the precept of fasting after midday on a long-term basis, and also to attempt a two-day fasting therapy during the holidays, to assist the upholding of the precepts of cultivation with diligence.

After graduating from the class of Dharma Propaganda in 2001, the Master immediately practised to lecture in many monasteries of the Amitabha Buddhist Society both at home and abroad. In 2007, she received response from Buddha's blessings, established the faith to be reborn in Pure Land and completed the main practice of the Pure Land School to perfection. From 2010 to present, the Master officially concentrated on propagating the Pure Land thought of Great Master Shan Dao, Vinaya teachings and Buddhist Precepts both at home and abroad. The Master traveled internationally, including to Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, China, Canada, USA, Brazil and Japan, to propagate Amitabha Dharma teachings and to hold one-day blessing retreats of Buddha Recitation. No matter where the Master goes, her affinity attains her respect and support.


During the period of confinement for Buddha Recitation in 2012, the Master was invited by friends on Facebook to set up the first teaching and learning platform in March. She was devoted to propagating the thoughts of the Great Master Shan Dao. The number of her teaching and learning platforms on Facebook increased to 24 in 2015. Most of her accompanied disciples are deeply focused in one Dharma Method and uphold the Precepts diligently, gaining lots of Dharma benefits. The Dharma which the Master shares on every teaching and learning platform are based on the teachings of the Second Patriarch of Pure Land School, Great Master Shan Dao. Dharma teachings of the Master are spread all over the world through internet teaching platforms. The Master has taken full advantage of using the recorded media and boundless internet facilities to propagate Buddhist Dharma. By using long-distance education, she provides the public with a pure and calm platform to continuously cultivate Buddhist Dharma, without any limitation of time and space.
In May 2012, the Master set up the cultivation union on Facebook and started to teach the preview class of Extensive Discussion On the Sequences of Pure Land Teachings. The class of Extensive Discussion began on January 1st of 2013 and was completed in May 1st of 2014. To date, all students are still consistently cultivating in the internet classroom.


In July 2012, the Master initiated the first blog for the class of Extensive Discussion On the Sequences of Pure Land Teachings. In the same year, she started the second blog: “Amitabha Buddhist Society – Master Shi Ren Chings platform for lecturing on sutras and teaching”.

In February 2014, to uphold the principle of practical cultivation, the Master set up “Little Amitabha International Volunteers Group of Chanting for the Dying”. The group lets the disciples penetrate deeply into the essentials of Buddhism, practise Buddhist Dharma, and steadfastly cultivate good causes and accumulate true blessings and virtues. In July of the same year, the Master expanded the international volunteers group of chanting for the dying to include international and voluntary care. It provides the elderly and patients with an opportunity to apply for long-term care, including chanting for the dying. The Master personally leads the public to observe and receive Buddhist Precepts, study and uphold the Bodhisattva way selflessly, benefitting both self and others.

In March 2014, the Master set up “Master Ren Ching’s department of Buddha Recitation and Transference”. The department is opened daily for the public to post requests to pray for transference. It is used to deliver creditors from previous lives or to chant for the dying and also to pray for relatives and friends. The Master voluntarily makes a general transference of the merits from Buddha Recitation and cultivation from the public on a weekly basis. She prays for safety and peace both in the nether and the living world, and pray for people’s minds to be inclined towards compassion and goodness.

In August 2014, the Master set up four Precepts Amitabha Buddhist Society - Master Ren Chings teaching and learning platforms at the same time, which made it more convenient for the general public to learn Buddhist Dharma on the website.

In September 2014, the Master created a page on Facebook named “Master Ren Ching’s Department for Repentance”. The platform is a free and virtual monastery for the public to repent. People with the affinity can post articles onto the page to repent for the big or small sins which they have made in the past or at present. They can also make a vow to reform sincerely, and all the sins will be purified by repenting.


From 2014, the Master advocates to propagate the The Bodhisattva Precepts of the Brahma Net Sutra . She set up an experimental classroom for the specialized class of The Bodhisattva Precepts of the Brahma Net Sutra on Facebook and the groups. Students who signed up for the class are required to submit a weekly report on their experiences of the Brahma Net Sutra and are also required to memorize the contents of it.

In September 2015, for the benefit of English-speaking practitioners, and to let people of different nationalities cultivate and practise the Dharma, the Master added another two English platforms on Facebook to share Dharma quotes and articles from her Dharma lectures.


“Rules of Being A Good Buddhist Disciple”

The Master wrote ten verses for the Four Assembly disciples in accordance with the thoughts in sutras and sastras. These verses are teachings of correct conduct codes between the master and disciple, which set a foundation for good cultivation practice.


“Extensive Discussion On the Sequences of Pure Land Teachings”

This is the Master’s collection of Buddhist thoughts in sutras and sastras. In the 46 verses, she lists the order of cultivation methods in Pure Land School, which consummates with all Dharma without hindering the order of practice. The book makes it easy for beginners to find a starting point and is also useful for experienced practitioners to make a comparison between the realms. It is also a practical guidebook for current Pure Land practitioners to follow the specific cultivation method of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva.



"Scenery of the Buddhist World -- Telling the Truth Harmoniously”
"Self-Realization and the Path of Cultivation Thereafter”

This is Master's first book. In this book, the Master shares through practical examples with all, her experiences of close to twenty years of cultivation, as well as candid realizations of local scenes. A truthful masterpiece as such is considered rare, able to inaugurate the dharma body and wisdom-life of individuals initiated later into the dharma, and is similarly a lamp that warms the hearts of people.

Besides the above, the Master personally wrote lyrics for Buddhist songs in 2004. These songs are already being circulated all over the world. The lyrics for Buddhist songs written by Master Ren Ching include “Who Knows the Sufferings of the World?”, “The World is But an Illusion”, “Liberation”, “Chimes of Peace” and “Gratitude”.



From 2010, the Master has recorded many videos available in digital format, such as “The Essentials of the Forty-eight Vows”, “The Essentials of The Sutra of Contemplation”, “The Essentials of The Buddha Speaks of Amitabha Sutra”, “The Merits and Practical Effects of Yoga Prostration ”, “The Methods of Deliverance and Buddha Name Chanting for the Dying”, “The Outline of Extensive Discussion on the Sequences of Pure Land Teachings”, “Rules of being a good Buddhist Disciple”, and “The Bodhisattva Precepts of the Brahma Net Sutra” etc.


The Master advocates Yoga Prostration. Through parts of yoga action and spirit, this method helps people to cure diseases easily and maintain good health through prostration to the Buddha. More importantly, the method can help people to connect with the Buddha and achieve the final goal of attaining the Way of Truth.

Besides Yoga Postration, the Master also promotes the oxygenation method of Buddha-Name Recitation. This method of cultivation utilizes the methods of inhalation and exhalation, using the serene sounds of the true self to recite the holy name of Amitabha. The oxygenation method of Buddha-Name Recitiation not only cures hundreds of illnesses from root, strengthens the body and mind, and is also able to enable the body and mind to merge as one with the serenity of space, to experience the boundless serenity of the bright and clear dharma realm that has always originally existed since kalpas of long ago.

Besides lecturing on sutras, the Master places emphasis on practical cultivation, using her own actions and practice to influence the people in following cultivation. On the path of propagating Buddhism, the Master hopes that the public can comprehensively understand the essentials of the Buddha Dharma and flexibly apply them in daily practice. The Master devotes to advocating that comprehension is as important as practice. Through all of kinds of living and practical examples, the Master lets students deeply realize that without practical cultivation of Buddhist teachings in real life, the Supramundane Dharma is also unrealistic.
To conclude, sharing a paragraph of the Master’s quotation with all: