Text selected and guided by Master Shih Ren Ching
Voice-over by Sylvia
Fellow students
First deeply inhale and exhale through the abdomen three times
Contemplate upon all the toxins and impurity within the body
Exhale them out of the body
Deeply and slowly inhale through the nose
Expand the abdomen
Hold for ten seconds
Then slowly exhale through the mouth
Contract the abdomen
Exhale thoroughly
Close the eyes
Begin breathing naturally
Relax the entire body
Contemplate upon the crown of the head
A ray of light
From the crown
Enter into the body
Cleansing it
Together with within our mind
The negative energies
Letting our body and mind
Achieve total purification
Breathe slowly
Relax the entire body
Now slowly let all your
Distracting thoughts settle down
Use the thought of love
Let the distracting thoughts
Settle down naturally
At the same time agree to
Peacefully coexist with it
Allowing all the distracting thoughts
To come and go freely
Rest your mind here
In the joy of ease and tranquility
Experiencing all in the mind to be
Truly in peace and serenity
If body pains and unhappiness silently emerge
It should be allowed to come and go freely
And breathing slowly
Relax the entire body again
We are about to slowly enter
The profound state of meditative concentration
Within that realm
Our mind and body will in an instant
Integrate and be at one with the universe
We will experience that
We are no longer alone
We will experience ourselves to be
Infinitely huge and strong
At the same time
We will experience
Our compassion and intellect completely appearing
Attentively and slowly breathe
Relax the entire body again
fellow students continue to
The comfort of meditation
When the meditation is about to end later
I will remind everyone again